Thursday, June 14, 2012

 Another day in paradise! Gosh I am going to miss the breakfast buffet when I get back! haha
   Yesterday was spent on our "sightseeing adventure of Antigua". Apperently, we were the only couple that cared what the real world is like here on the island! (and it sure isn't like Sandals!) The road is quite bumpy as they place speed bumps every 50 feet through the small towns and most are very curvy. Lots of poverty and people just sitting out on the porch of their shack. Some women actually sit by a bar-b-que in their yard and sell ears of corn or fruits. It was also weird how at any "touristy" spot, a woman will appear out of nowhere with a bunch of necklaces swinging from her arm and tell you how great you would look in them! I wouldn't be surprised if one popped up in the bathroom stall with me!
   We were driven in an airconditioned van by Wal, a very nice local man who was really tall. Our tour lasted 4 hours and we stopped by Jolly Beach, Nelson's Dockyard, Shirley Heights, and several gorgeous beaches. It was good to see the whole island and not just the resort scene. They do have a KFC, which is the only restaurant chain to survive (they like their chicken!), Radio Shack,  and a couple of others. People here don't have enough money to support many businesses.

                                              Me standing at Nelson's Dockyard.

                                          Dennis holding onto his hat at Shirley Heights where
                                                the British watched for threats to their trade route.

Our tour guide, Wal, was a super friendly guy!
  Today is our snorkel tour and that should be interesting. Here are a few pics from yesterday!
            Weird restroom at Nelson's had to pass underwear hanging on a line!!

                                               Us hanging out at the dockyard, photo courtesy of Wal.

Giant game of chess, anyone? This is just one of the many things to do at Sandals!

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