Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday! Spent another day at the beach and we did the paddle boards, together this time! The wind was pretty bad going one direction and we ended up just sitting on the boards and paddling them like a kayak. haha I bet people on the beach were thinking "what idiots" but it worked for us! Once we got out a ways, we turned around and stood up and what took us 15 minutes one way, took about 5 minutes to get back. That was fun! We also had someone take us out for a sail on a small catamaran, he was 18 but he knew what he was doing, thank goodness. We spent the rest of our day swimming in the Caribbean Sea.AAAHHH............Funny thing - you see nothing but white sand through that clear water even at about 4 feet. But there is one fish, the snapper, that is a lovely white with black lines on the fins and a dot above the eye. They LOVE swimming around you feet and nibble on your toes! One kept swimming circles up around my calf and it would rub my leg! Those freaked some people out by I thought they were cute. It felt like a fly landing on you when they touched you. 

     We had reservations at the Japanese restaurant last night and it was delicious as well. We sat at the table with a couple from Ohio, Tennessee, California, and Canada. Most of the couples here are from the eastern half of the good ol' US! Today is our tour of the historical Antigua. Gotta run!

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