Monday, June 11, 2012

A day at the beach!

What a fabulous day! It's been some time since we have actually just taken a vacation and hung out, so we did alot of that today. We started the day with the mother of all breakfast buffets. Fruits, ham, salmon, breads, cereals, french toast, everything! The only thing we didn't see was eggs. Guess there aren't chickens on Antigua or if there were, some poor people ate them all. It was funny because this one black bird had the nerve to fly over to the watermelon and helped himself! They actually have a lady stand there with a stick and shoo them away. Hilarious!
         We went to the beach and swam and turned ourselves into crispy critters from laying out like two dead  people all day. There are LOTS of locals selling stuff and they will come by and ask you to buy cheap jewelry or go on a tour, etc. I eventually started saying "already did it" to move them along. They are very friendly and polite and it's sometimes just fun to talk to them. I bought a sarong from "Sunshine" who was really nice, missing teeth and leathery, black skin. Afterward, Dennis said, " She's looks to have been doing this a long time" in a sad sorta' voice. Then we looked at each other and said "she's probably 25!"
Me and Miss Sunshine!

We also tried paddle boarding which I thought was pretty cool. You're stand on the ocean! Dennis said it was too slow, of course, but fun. We had lunch at the pizzeria and it was delicious once it finally came to the table. We had fun people watching and Dennis noticed that most of the couples here were young! I said, yeah, we're the old ones now! hahaha 
    We are getting some rest before we go to the "beach party" this evening. Steel drums and limbo! woo hoo
Dennis havin' some tearin' up the surf.....
Yes, a girl could certainly get used to this......... 

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