Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 more days!!!!

Decided to get out and mow the grass this morning. If it gets any more humid, you're going to have to wear a snorkel to go outside!! I looked like someone had turned the hose on me by the time I got done. No fun but the yard does look nice ( and the robins can see the worms easier!)
Got my new 6 cell laptop battery for the mini today! I am trying it out right now. The mailman actually carried it to my door - bout died on that one! I guess he saw the warnings about a "possibility of explosion" on the outside of the box and got scared. It adds a little more weight but I will be able to cut the cord on this baby for a lot longer and that will be handy come vacation time! Woo hooo! Gotta' run - more later............

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