Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only 11 more days!!!

The above is my holy grail of sandals....I searched endless rows, miles of sandals today and could not find them!!!! Finally ended up ordering them online and at a discount! Sweet! Born Moreens should make my feet happy trekking miles around Japan and Maui. Thank goodness for the internet!

I was able to call Japan yesterday evening and get our car reserved. Japanese who speak English talk really, really fast! I had to punch in about 15 numbers but it worked! I was just sure someone on Saturn would answer. They didn't even ask for a credit card number to hold it! I reserved a mid-size, not wanting Dennis to have to be seen driving an egg. Which is about what their "compact class" cars look like. So, now we are rethinking the day climb of Fuji. Might opt for a late evening since the old body clocks will be reversed! I remember us sleeping on several afternoons in Australia just trying to get adjusted. We'll just have to see how it all goes when we get there. I would hate to go all the way to Japan only to just sleep through it! How fun would that be?! haha

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