Friday, June 19, 2009

Only 9 more days!

Could it possibly get any hotter?! I have spent the day watching Wolf Lake on SciFi. A mistake I made at about 12:30. I got sucked in and then found out it was an all day marathon or something! I have gotten laundry done while watching so I don't feel too guilty.(smile)
Dennis and I took a little bike ride yesterday evening around Kenova and Ceredo, just 7 miles. My legs were already worn out from all the mowing and weed eating so Dennis kept it short. And again, it was too hot to go very far.
I am still trying to decide which suitcase is going with me on vacation. I really need to take the smallest one possible but then I know how I like my clothes! I do have those little bags that you suck the air out of and it reduces the size of the contents. Your shirts also look like they were stored in your glove compartment for about 10 years when you get them out. So, I will have think about that for a few more days........'Til next time......

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