Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Oh my goodness... don't ever let anyone tell you that a colonoscopy is 'no big deal'. Unless you actually like sprinting to the bathroom dozens of times in one day (and night!)! And drinking all that stuff is like trying to drown yourself from the inside out. Things I will never eat again : green jello, broth of any kind, Vitamin Water (which I mixed with Miralax) I don't do well with no food and I found myself passing through the kitchen looking at all that food in there. I asked myself "How could I have ever taken you for granted , CornChips??? (sigh)" So anyway, now that my sphincter muscle has had a workout Jillian Michaels would be proud of, I did get my test and everything looks "excellent". I am very happy about this and hoping this means I won't have to go through this until I reach retirement age, or later would be good. The test itself was cake. Of course, I was asleep and a chimpanzee could have taken over the examination for all I know. I am still feeling the effects of the Miralax and Dulcolax today, but as the saying goes, this too shall pass............

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