Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long time no blog!

Hey, hey! It's been a few days since my last blog! A few notable things have taken place, I guess. My Jeepie is in the hospital and might be facing a heart transplant (i.e. engine may be blown to smithereens and need a new one - way boo hiss!) We are doing some praying to the Jeep Gods that it will be something less catastrophic but Dennis isn't holding out much hope.
I have also been working on my vacation scrapbook. We only took 1200+ photos. I don't know why it's taking me so long to pick out the best photos! duh........;-) In fact, it looks like, for the first time, this might be a two booker! Yikes!!!
Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister, nieces, and twin,great nieces down at Mom and Dad's. They are about 7 months now and soooo cute. They just look at you and grin with those big, chubby cheeks. Maddie crawled for the first time! I tempted her with several shiny, silver bangles I had on. No female can resist flashy jewelry, no matter the age!
And tomorrow is the all liquid diet day before my colonoscopy. Yay, what fun that will be....I had been reading on the internet and advice that might prove helpful and came across this snipit. One lady recommended ,"Pretend that you hold in your hand the only antidote to the lethal virus that has been introduced by some foreign monkey into our country. You will die if you do not drink this glass within 10 seconds every 10 minutes. You may not stop, and you may not lose it into the kitchen sink. It is your only hope." Sounds like good times....... Dennis says he knows I am gonna' be grouchy with no food because previous experiences have shown this to be the case. It certainly won't be pretty....Advice for post procedure was the following: "The recovery: Stock your pantry in readiness: You'll pack in food like a starving bear once this is done -- after your six-hour nap, that is. Have the bed all ready, shutters drawn. Once I slept from noon until the next morning." Well now, that part doesn't sound so bad. I think , however, I will be eating much sooner!

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