Friday, August 28, 2009

I survived the first week. Can I retire now?

Well, I survived the first week back and three of those days were with kids. The kids and the classes are fine, actually, it's just keeping up with all those darn computers that's giving me fits! I am seriously hoping that things will calm down after a few weeks or I am going to start putting a paper bag on my head when I go down the hallway. That way no one can yell at me that this isn't doing than and Johnny can't remember his password and their computer doesn't "recognize the tree". (I told her to hold it up to the window and point one out to it - I am so bad.) It's trail by fire and I hope I don't permanently destroy anything during my learning process. sigh
Being on a cart is not so bad. The kiddies don't get all hyped up like they used to coming down the hallway to my room and there's no more "he cutted" when it's time to line up! I am also able to help teachers with their computers since I am in their rooms every three days - though now it's seems more like every three minutes for some of them. I do miss my pretty room with the plants and having a chair. It's the little things that make life comfortable. I am getting lots of exercise and the days just fly by. I come home pretty tired at the end of the day but I have the best schedule I have had in years and that's good! Every cloud and all that!
I stopped by Dick's 'Sporting Goods and bought another pair of tennis shoes because at the rate I'm going, my other ones will have holes in the soles before mid September!!
Looking forward to the weekend and sleeping in til 7:00 again! Woooo hooooo!

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