Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a beautiful day!

(Tooo bad it has to end!) I wish the weather could be like today every day of the year. Is that too much to ask? Dennis and I were watching that show that comes on Sunday mornings - the one with a big sunshine and all the cool stories. They were doing a bit on picnics and how they originated in Europe in the 1600's. They would dress up and eat all day, visit with friends, etc. It was called a piqui-nique which meant something trivial but it looked very enjoyable and so we decided to go outside and roast weenies for lunch! Of course, we didn't dress up but we ate dogs, chips with onion dip, cheese and chocolate. There were ants. It was all good.
Double weenie roaster!

That's banana and pineapple Fuze I'm drinking -really!

Relaxin' in the shade in our side yard....

After that, we dropped by Mom and Dad's on our way to Beech Fork for some kayaking. We did about 4 miles I think and saw blue herons, green herons, a kingfisher, and really fat woman in a bikini sprawled out on the bow of a pontoon boat. eeeeeuuuuw......Anyway, it was a great day to get out on the lake. We came home and then I did my 3 mile walk. I started out with just Cookie. She is the neighbor's terrier who often went woods hiking with me in the fall and winter and I guess she was bored this evening. Dennis was cleaning the boats and caught up with us later on his bike. Two little neighbor boys who live out the road were playing in their yard and Cookie thought they looked like fun. She took off after them and they ran screaming "DOG! DOG!" She is only about a foot tall and she was wagging her tail! I yelled that she just wanted to play but still felt like the mean lady who sics her dog on small children. They started shooting their water pistols at her but she was already on the scent of some small wildlife she could chase, boys long forgotten. Dennis had to go retrieve her. (sigh) So we made it back home with no one and nothing getting injured. And tomorrow is Monday already! Yikes!

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