Friday, August 21, 2009

Survived the first day....barely!

You know it's going to be a tough year when your on a cart. It's really going to be a tough year when the "powers that be" forgot to order said cart. (sigh) Luckily, I kept an old metal cart for just such an emergency. Experience has taught me well. Hopefully, the new one will arrive ASAP but again, I won't hold my breath. It was nice seeing everyone again but my gosh, there is so much to do and not enough time to do it!! My new job of sys op is proving to be quite a time filler as well. It was almost time to leave and one teacher said she needed the computer lab on Monday morning. Great. All the computers had been unplugged from the power and the internet so they could mop and wax the floor!! About 30 computers!! Luckily, my old student teacher had stopped by to get some lesson ideas and offered to help. I said, " if you see a plug hangin', stick it in a hole somewhere! I don't care where, just hook em up!" That wasn't very professional , I know, but hey, time was of the essence. So hopefully, those suckers will work come Monday. Then, after having the best schedule made out ,ever, for us, at 3:00 we get word that we just "have to go to Milton for one class!! Work it out!" We wanted to just cry. We reworked the schedule to squeeze it in one morning but it was awful. No planning time and classes back to back. We took it into our principal, and he wadded it up and threw it out! He said "I'm just going to tell him we can't work it out!!" Here's hoping he'll cowboy up and actually do that this year. He said to just act like we weren't going to Milton. I said call that dude up and tell him to find another sucker! We're tired of always being the ones to have to change our schedule! So we shall see what comes about on Monday. Pray, pray, pray. Cross your fingers. Throw massive amounts of salt over your shoulders. Rub a budda belly. Pick every four leaf clover within a 5 mile radias... I will do them all to stay out of Milton!!!! Other than all that, the rest of the day was pretty good!

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