Saturday, October 3, 2009

YAYYYY weekends!!!!

Today sure did fly by! Unlike this past work week which seemed to go on forever! In fact, there must have been some sort of celestial event or cosmic happening that made it so because I could have sworn it last about 10 days instead of 5. We got our first case of swine flu at school too. Nice. I think I will just put my head in a fish bowl for the next 5 months. They can preach "hand washing" 'til the cows come home but it just isn't happening in the world of elementary school children! If every child spent the required 20-30 seconds scrubbing their hands in the couple of sinks available, it would take our school community of approximately 300 children 2.5 hours to wash all those hands twice a day for a grand total of 5 hours every day! Here's another little fact to make you weak in the knees: During a sneeze, water, air, mucous, and pathogens leave a person's body at about 100mph. One sneeze can carry 100,000 germs. We're dooomed. I even caught one of my first graders licking his entire desktop..........sheesh.......

But today was fun! Dennis and I spent about 3 hours with little buddy Cookie-dog out in the woods clearing more bike trails. We rode our mountain bikes and some of the hills were so steep I had to push my 30 lb bike up them but when you could ride, it was just awesome! Cookie stayed with us the whole time, when she wasn't chasing some critter around in the weeds. We came back home and ate some left over chili and cornbread and I even fixed Cookie some because I knew she had to be tired and hungry too. I actually fell asleep for about a half an hour then we walked to the mailbox, came back , mowed grass, raked leaves and cleaned up the yard a bit. Dennis had to clean the carb on my push mower because it kept trying to die. The idle was really off and it would surge then die, surge then die but now it's back to it's old self. Still crappy, but at least it doesn't sound like it's going to quit every 10 seconds!!!! Busy day and my old knee is feeling it. I forgot to wear my Mueller knee band so now I have one of those Icy Hot bandages on it and I hope that will help it. One more day and then it's back to the grind!!!

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